Landing Pages

A landing page is a standalone web page that a user comes to after clicking through from an email, advertisement, or other digital sources. Every content strategy should include the use of landing pages to convert more traffic and increase conversions. When a user arrives at your landing page, they are directed to take action, such as joining your mailing list or purchasing your products. If the user completes the desired action, your landing page has converted them.

Landing page builders allow you to test each element of your landing page to ensure that your design and copy are maximizing their effectiveness. You can test different headlines, body copy, and even your offer to see what improves conversion rates.Users prefer clear, direct messaging that explains the value of what you're offering.

Visitors to your landing pages can arrive through two channels: social media (such as Facebook Pages, Twitter, and so on) or PPC advertising. Each method considers the goal of the landing pages. Continue reading to find out what factors affect the cost of landing page design for each of these options.

Landing pages for pay-per-click advertising

These landing pages’ act as salesmen for your online advertisements or PPC campaigns. Each PPC ad campaign requires a unique landing page that has been customised and tested to convert a specific group of visitors.

Social media landing pages

These landing pages are meant to go popular in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It could be a well-written blog post, a holds great list, or trying to break industry news that gets people talking and drives traffic to your website. The best landing page designs will keep driving traffic to your site for months after they're created.

A well-planned landing page shows your customers that you are involved in their best interests. Getting into our services to know the process will help to create a strong brand identity and so the conversion rates increase.Using Zombie Marketer’s website builder, create an effective landing page and test different elements to ensure better performance with each click.

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